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Introducing The New 2017 Salsa EXP Series Bikepacking Bags

With bikepacking on trend, it was inevitable that the larger brands were going to adopt bikepacking bags into their lineups. This year we’ve already seen famous bag brand Ortlieb, as well as bike brand Specialized bring waterproof bikepacking bags to the market. Now there’s news that Salsa bikepacking bags are coming…

Salsa aren’t new to luggage solutions. They were actually one of the pioneers of the 3-boss cargo mount back in 2011, along with the Anything Cage that was designed to carry small gear loads on their frame and forks. By 2015, Salsa had brought out their own drybags to perfectly suit their latest iteration of the cargo cage, the Anything HD.

New For 2017: Salsa EXP Series Bikepacking Bags

Salsa thought about how to redesign the bikepacking handlebar bag/roll, and came up with a solution that stabilises the load in a very similar way to Specialized. Called the Anything Cradle, it consists of a really tough nylon “rack” that allows you to strap on both a drybag and accessory pouch. To keep these front bags supported, the Anything Cradle employs two aluminium arms that clamp directly to your handlebar.

salsa bikepacking bags
The new Salsa EXP Bikepacking Anything Cradle, drybag and accessory pouch. Image: BikeRumor.com

A waterproof drybag with dual-entry is a suitable location for bulky items like sleeping gear or clothing. The modular nature of this system also permits you to clip an easy-access pouch on the front. The total weight limit on the Anything Cradle is 8lbs (3.6kg).

Salsa Bikepacking Bags
The Salsa EXP Anything Cradle is stabilised on the handlebars using two aluminium clamps. Image: BikeRumor.com

The Anything Cradle is sold in three different configurations: the cradle with the two bags (US $149), the cradle with just the drybag (US $99) and the cradle alone (US $75).

Salsa Bikepacking Bags
The Salsa EXP accessory pouch is for items you need more regularly like suncream. Image: BikeRumor.com

The Salsa EXP Series Framepack is designed specifically for each model and size of Salsa’s bikes. These bags are weather resistant and utilise waterproof zippers throughout. Inside you’ll find a divider that will separate gear, a water bladder section that prevents bladder movement, and a few small pockets on the non-drive side for maps or small items. The framepacks will go for US $119.

Salsa Bikepacking Frame Bag
The Salsa EXP Framepack is bike model and size specific. Image: BikeRumor.com
Salsa Bikepacking Bags
The non-drive side zipper hides a series of small pockets. Image: BikeRumor.com

The waterproof seatpack has a roll-type closure typical of almost all saddlebags on the market. Salsa use a heavy duty 1000D material on the lower portion of the bag to protect your gear from mud and rocks getting flung up from your wheel. There’s a bungee on the top to squeeze in a rain jacket, and mounting tabs for a rear light. It will retail for US $119.

Salsa Bikepacking Bags
The Salsa EXP bikepacking seat pack is waterproof. Image: BikeRumor.com
Salsa Bikepacking Bags
A heavy duty material is used on the underside of the Salsa EXP seat pack. Image: BikeRumor.com

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