The New Gates CDX:EXP Expedition Carbon Belt Drivetrain

Exciting news, Gates will be introducing new “high-mileage” sprockets for expedition cyclists and global bike trekkers at Eurobike this year. The CDX:EXP sprockets are designed for use with Rohloff 14s internal hubs and will offer extended range in off-road conditions. I can’t wait to test it out!

As you may be aware, I spent over two years using the standard Gates CDX system on a ride that took me from Europe to Australia. It was at 31,000km that I snapped my first belt, so I’d have already said that the system does “high-milage” well.

Here’s my Gates Carbon Belt Drive resource with everything you need to know about the drivetrain.

Gates CDX EXP belt drive sprockets

What Makes This System Different?

Gates said that the EXP sprockets have 25% more surface area than the current CDX system.

The CDX:EXP kit will be available in three front sprocket sizes ( 39T, 46T, and 50T) and four rear Rohloff compatible sprocket sizes (19T, 20T, 22T, and 24T). Gates said that the extra strength only results in a few extra grams.

You can expect the CDX:EXP front sprockets to go for $70-80, the rear sprockets $90-110 and the belts $80-100 each.

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  1. Hi Alex,
    The bummer about this seems to be that the front sprockets are 104mm BCD and 4 arm. This severely limits the crank options if you happen to prefer square taper (which many long distance tourers do). Are you keen on square taper BBs too?

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