Photo Gallery: Cycling The Highest Roads In The World

Last month I cycled through what I think is some of the most stunning scenery… in the world! Have a look through this gallery from Argentina, Chile and Bolivia, and let me know if you agree.

MY BIKE: Koga WorldTraveller Signature
MY GEAR LIST: My 25kg of stuff
MY CAMERAS: Panasonic GH4 and GoPro Hero6

It’s so great to be back in the Andes! Last night I slept at 3000m — do you guys have the WEIRDEST dreams at altitude too, or is it just me?
Chasing Alfredo up into the mountains…
It’s hard to imagine a place that is more diverse than Argentina. This country has every type of landscape! 🙏🏼
Yesterday I was cycling at almost 5000m elevation. It’s been a while since I’ve been this high! My brain was struggling to process the most basic information and I was slurring all my words. I felt like I’d drank half a bottle of vodka I was swerving around that much. What a weird phenomenon! 😳
Carving my way through the red and white mountains of northwest Argentina. 🔥 And no, I don’t have a personal photographer! To get these shots I have to sit my camera on a tripod a few hundred metres away from where I’m riding. I either get my camera to fire a shot every few seconds, or take a video and grab the screenshot I need. It’s hard work, but I think the results are worth all the extra miles! ⚡
One of my favourite campsites this trip! Nestled in a small canyon with very little wind or noise. It was at an altitude that didn’t wake me up in the middle of the night, plus the temperature wasn’t minus-10! And the stars were absolutely wild. 🌌
This is about as sci-fi as natural landscapes get!
The landscape between Argentina and Chile changes instantly as you cross the border. After cycling across the arid, high plains, you enter a volcano complex that is so big and beautiful that you can’t help but feel a bit overwhelmed. 🌋
It was a shock to find that the famous Sico Pass is now a sealed road! I prefer smooth roads though crazy landscapes like this, as I can focus more on the scenery, and less on the impending potholes and sandy washouts. 🙏🏼
Cycling past Laguna en Salar el Laco.
The wild rock formations of El Laco, Chile.
When sleeping at over 4000m, the overnight temperatures are well into the negatives (-10 sometimes). I made the mistake of dribbling onto my pillow one night; argh… frozen slobber! 😱 But look, I will cop an icy pillow for million dollar views like these. 💎💰💸
The bald hills near Laguna Aguas Calientes.
Right. I’m off to Bolivia! I’m hoping to ride up the highest road in the world (almost 6000m/19,700ft – there’s less than 50% oxygen up there). My next update and YouTube video will be in a couple of weeks, when I should have discovered the worst roads in South America. 😂
5815 METRES • 19,078ft. That’s the highest you can ride a bike… in the WORLD!! Here I am standing near the end of the road with Mt Uturuncu looming in the background. How did I feel this high? Honestly, I had no negative effects. My body is now crushing it with a full haematological (blood) adaptation to altitude. Super stoked on this and can’t wait to show you the next video! 💪🏼
When you cross from Chile into SW Bolivia, you end up at Laguna Blanca. The water appears whiteish as it has a high amount of minerals suspended in it. I wish the background showed a nice morning fog, but that’s actually dust kicked up by dozens of tourist 4x4s screaming between photo opportunities. 😷😷😷
The sky is a stunning blue at altitude! Or perhaps it’s just the high contrast to the white dusty landscape. Either way, your eyes are bowerbird-level mesmerised as you cycle through these otherworldly landscapes.
This is me in full-flight, riding into a strong headwind! I was reluctant to interrupt my day with a tailwind, so there’s at least 1000 watts running through my cranks to get this photo over and done with. Tailwinds are an ultra-rare commodity for me, OK?! 😂
I can always find the time to stop and take in my surroundings. I’m not in a rush to get anywhere, especially on the super sandy Bolivian roads! Even if I don’t make my planned destination, all I need is 3L of water and some food and I will stop practically anywhere that’s wind protected. After a -10 degree night one thing is guaranteed: warming my fingers and toes with my stove in the morning. 😍
Beautiful colours surround you as you cycle through Eduardo Avaroa National Park.
Climbing up towards the Sol de la Manana Geyser.
Laguna Colorada is a sight to behold — it’s filled with red water due to the sediments and pigmentations of the residing algae! It’s also famous for the being home to three types of flamingos.
You’d think that the Bolivian Altiplano is just volcanoes and salt lakes, but it is also home to some of the craziest rock formations! When you visit, you too will ride past these big, bold rock sculptures that take your breath away. 😍
My latest VIDEO is ready for you! It’s been the hardest month yet for me, which always makes for good viewing. 😂 If you’ve been blown away by the crazy landscapes, dust storms, high-speed winds, sub-zero temps and are also keen to watch me ride up the highest road in the world (5815M).

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