Time to improve CyclingAbout: Your feedback required

CyclingAbout.com has pretty much hit it’s first birthday!

The website will not be taking presents this birthday however. What it really needs is for users to give us some site feedback…

Alleykat slaves away writing and maintaining this website because we love it…


… we want to take a turn from what we want it to be, to what you want it to be. We can keep offering our experiences and knowledge to help you learn more about bicycle touring and travel, however, we don’t really know much about you and what makes you tick.

Knowing more about you would help us steer the content in a direction that the majority of you find useful. We’ve developed a quick survey to help accomplish this.

THE SURVEY IS FOUND HERE: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/82CSWFG

It will take you 2-5 minutes.

We would really really really appreciate your feedback, as its bloody time consuming to write things that no one actually wants to read.

Thank you kindly