Use Pop Top Lids on your Oversized Water Bottles

I had completely forgotten that I used to use pop top lids on my oversized bike touring bottles until just a few months ago. Which means that there has been quite a lot of riding pop-topless in the mean time!

I am now relieved to have had remembered these gems as they make your life just that little bit easier if you use oversized 1.5L water bottles on your touring bike. For everything you need to know about oversized bidon cages and bottles CLICK HERE.

There are two or more styles…

Our favourite style is the “totally awesome” type, found mainly on water bottles here in Europe. The only problem with these lids is that we sometimes accidentally break off the cap when unscrewing the lid.

The other style “almost as totally awesome” is more common worldwide, found on juice, water and even sauce bottles everywhere.


If you're using oversized water bottles on your touring bike, make sure to try out pop tops! For more information on oversized water bottles and touring make sure you read THIS.


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