Video: Alleykat Explores Georgia (EP.1)

Alleykat decided to make a little video of our experience crossing Georgia, taking in lots of moments from the road and off the road too. A little longer and less scripted than normal – we would appreciate feedback for if we should continue making videos country by country (like this) or whether our short films on our experiences, cities and sights engages you better.

Video edited on our iPad as we roll along! 😉


  1. I liked it, though maybe Im rocking Georgia in June so have vested interests 🙂 I think the HD looks sweet when the view is of Alex and the road in front. Good pacing but maybe you could drop the formal fact talking as it clashes a bit with the otherwise relaxed commentary. Solid effort.

  2. Really enjoyed your Georgian vido. We are ex pats living in Baku and can hardly wait for your video about this place. It sounds alot like Georgia but you’ll see, the traffic is much worse. Be very very careful! Cars rule, not pedestrians and there are very bikes. Would advice against riding in Baku.

  3. Hello Corrine and Bill

    Glad you enjoyed our video!

    Having ridden in and around Baku, it is definitely not the worst place to ride a bike! We have ridden in much worse conditions, but will as always, be very careful on the roads around town.

    The next video will be available in a week or two!


  4. Hi Emma

    I hope you enjoy Georgia! We’ve heard such mixed experiences about the country since sharing our own – totally depends who you meet! 😉

    We’ll be careful with the video vibes – thanks for the feedback!


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