The 7 Best Pinion Gearbox Gravel Bikes & Commuter Bikes In North America (USA)

Pinion gearbox gravel bikes are becoming increasingly popular as they eliminate one of the most frustrating parts of any bike – the derailleur.

If you haven’t heard of them before, a Pinion gearbox is a fully-sealed oil bath of cogs located at the crankset that usually offers 12 different gear ratios.

Compared to derailleurs, Pinion gearboxes are less susceptible to damage, they don’t require any tuning or adjustment, they reduce bicycle maintenance, and they are unlikely to ever wear out. The only maintenance is the 6,000-mile oil change which takes no more than 15 minutes to complete.

The Priority 600 is a stylish yet very functional commuter bike.

A great thing about a Pinion gearbox is that you can achieve a 30-40% lower climbing gear ratio than most gravel bikes with derailleurs. This allows you to ride up the steepest hills with minimal effort. The gear range is very wide too (600%) so you will still achieve a fast top-end speed (40 mph+).

Pinion gearboxes pair very well with belt drivetrains. Belts are notably clean, silent, and long-lasting compared to chains. Through our real-world tests, we’ve found they typically last 3-4 times longer than a chain (that’s almost 20,000 miles).

Belt drive is designed to very effectively shed mud and grit, which makes it better than chain drive when the weather conditions have turned bad. While belt drivetrains don’t technically require any grease or lubrication, in dry and dusty conditions I recommend a few drops of silicone to keep the belt quiet.

Right, let’s take a look at North America’s best gravel and commuter bikes with Pinion gearboxes.

The Best Pinion Gearbox Gravel Bikes & Commuter Bikes

Priority 600 – $2,499

The Best Pinion Gearbox Commuter Bike For A Lower Budget


1. The best-value Pinion gearbox bike available!
2. Upright and comfortable frame design
3. Fully equipped with accessories

Priority is a relative newcomer to the market but they are bringing a lot of excitement with their stylish yet functional bikes. Based in NYC, Priority specializes in bikes that are equipped with low-maintenance components and an easy-to-use design. The best bit is that they can ship their bikes directly to your home for $30.

The Priority 600 is the ultimate low-fuss commuter bike that’s ready to hit the streets. It comes loaded with all the essential upgrades for city riding, including dynamo lights, fenders, tubeless wheels, hydraulic disc brakes, and a convenient kickstand. The Priority 600 has been designed to make your daily commute a breeze.

Don’t let its affordability fool you; this bike offers top-notch performance without breaking the bank. It’s equipped with a C1.12 Pinion Gearbox, 27.5″ tubeless-ready wheels, and fast-rolling 1.9″ wide slick tires. The aluminum frame is available in three sizes to accommodate riders from 5’4″ to 6’5″.

You can order the 600 directly from Priority Cycles HERE.

Priority Gemini Aluminium – $3,499

The Best Pinion Smart Shift Gravel Gearbox Bike

Priority Gemini Aluminium Belt Drive Gravel Bike 01


1. The Pinion gearbox electronic shifting is exceptional
2. Incredible value-for-performance
3. Wide tire clearance

The Priority Gemini is North America’s first readily available gravel bike with Pinion “Smart Shift”.

The new Pinion C1.12i gearbox features electronic shifting that can change your gears in just 0.2 of a second! The gearbox will shift gears under a full pedal load, while coasting, and even while stationary at the traffic lights.

The Gemini’s geometry is designed for all-day comfort, and the four frame sizes will accommodate riders from 5’2” to 6’4”. The frame clears 700C x 50mm tires, which is a width that an ever-growing number of gravel bikes are available with. It also comes with a full carbon fork and seat post which takes chatter out of the road.

The Priority Gemini is offered with an Aluminum or a Titanium frame, depending on your budget, and your ride preferences.

Right now, Priority is offering a sizeable discount on pre-orders of the Gemini, and their bikes often sell out months in advance! If you want to know more about this bike make sure to read our in-depth article HERE.

Alternatively, you can order the Gemini Aluminium or Titanium directly from Priority Cycles HERE.

Carver Ti All Road Pinion – $5,764

The Best Pinion Gearbox Gravel Bike in Titanium


1. Lightweight titanium frame
2. 11 frame sizes available for the perfect fit
3. Endless part configurations available

The Carver Ti All-Road Pinion was designed for those who want to travel quickly and comfortably. This titanium frame has a relaxed and stable geometry that’s intended for both commuting and long days in the saddle (on paved or unpaved roads).

The part specification of the All-Road can be configured to suit your needs. You can choose between different wheel sizes, brakes, handlebars, forks, seats, seatposts, tires – the list of options is seemingly endless!

Carver has also integrated many thoughtful touches on the All-Road. There are rack mounts, fender mounts, and three water bottle mounts for both bike adventures and commuting. With 11 standard frame sizes ranging from 44 cm to 64 cm, there should be an All-Road Pinion for nearly every height rider.

If this all sounds good, but you want to customize your frame even more, you can also add frame splitters (couplers), rim brakes – or any other feature your heart desires.

You can order the All-Road Pinion directly from Carver HERE.

Co-Motion Klatch Pinion – $8,495

The Best Full Custom Pinion Gearbox Gravel Bike


1. Incredible attention to detail
2. Fully customizable sizing and paint
3. Handmade in Oregon, USA

Co-Motion has been building tandems and touring bikes that can withstand the rigors of hard riding since the 1980s. Every bike is handmade in the USA with completely customizable geometry, accessories, and paint options.

The Co-Motion Klatch is the company’s first gravel bike. It offers much more versatility than a road bike but is still very fast and efficient. The Klatch comes with a Pinion 12-speed gearbox, belt drive, Rolf Prima tubeless wheels (made in USA), 45 mm wide tires, and a steel or carbon fibre fork.

Co-Motion also offers upgrades like adding S&S Travel couplers, stainless steel polished dropouts, or a fancy head tube badge that reflects the Oregon coast where they are from.

You can also customize your paint in hundreds of ways to ensure the bike is exactly how you want it! The Co-Motion Klatch is undoubtedly a “forever bike”.

You can order the Klatch Pinion directly from Co-Motion HERE.

Tout Terrain Scrambler Xplore GT II – $5,664

The Best Pinion Gearbox Gravel Bike in Steel


1. Upright/comfortable ride position
2. Hydro disc brakes, tubeless rims
3. Very high attention to detail

The Tout Terrain Scrambler Xplore GT is ready for any adventure, whether that’s an after-work ride or a week-long tour down the Continental Divide. It’d also make a versatile commuter bike with the right accessories fitted.

Tout Terrain is a German brand known for its very high attention to detail. High-quality steel tubes are used across the frame, there is a very neat belt tensioner at the gearbox, and you’ll find an integrated steering limiter near the stem. These frames are also built especially stiff so that they can still track straight after you’ve loaded them up with luggage.

The Scrambler employs a stable frame geometry and has notably long chainstays (455 mm) that provide ample heel clearance for rear panniers. Fit up some 2.0″ / 50 mm wide tires and the Scrambler would provide a very high level of comfort while barely slowing you down.

The Scrambler comes with a carbon touring fork with plenty of cargo mounts, and internal cable routing for a dynamo light. There are also numerous mounting options on the frame for luggage racks, panniers, and more – the Scrambler is built for adventures.

You can order the Scrambler directly from Tout Terrain HERE.

Tout Terrain Tribeca Xpress – $5,334

The Best Pinion Gearbox Gravel Bike With A Flat Bar


1. Very high attention to detail
2. Stiff frame for luggage carrying
3. Dynamo lights & full fenders

The Tout Terrain Tribeca Xpress is similar to the Scrambler but with a greater focus on commuting.

Thanks to the use of flat bars, you can enjoy a more upright riding position compared to other bikes on this list, as well as more effortless steering and control. Navigating through city traffic has never been easier.

The Tribeca Xpress comes with lots of accessories for commuting. Of note is the incredibly neat fender and rack system that will keep you dry on wet days. You’ll also never have to think about recharging bike lights again – the included dynamo lights will keep shining bright, mile after mile.

You can order the Tribeca Xpress directly from Tout Terrain HERE.

Tout Terrain Tribeca Xpress GT – $5,774

The Best Pinion Gearbox Commuter Bike


1. Very high attention to detail
2. Stiff frame for luggage carrying
3. Dynamo lights & full fenders

If you like the idea of the commuter-specific Tribeca Xpress, but prefer drop bars – you’re in luck! Thanks to Tout Terrain’s collaboration with TRP, the Shift:R box was born, which offers a mechanical shifting solution for drop bar bikes.

The Tribeca Xpress GT has the same frame geometry and features as the flat bar model. This means it comes with neat fenders, an integrated rack, and dynamo lights. The bike is ready for adventures of all types, whether that’s around town or a week away.

If you live in the Tucson, Arizona area you can now test ride one before you buy at their North America flagship store. Make sure to check the Tout Terrain website, as they are currently adding more regional dealers in the United States.

You can order the Tribeca Xpress GT directly from Tout Terrain HERE.

The Pros and Cons of Pinion Gearboxes

The Advantages of Using A Pinion Gearbox
pinion gearbox
The inside of a Pinion gearbox.

Wide Gear range – One of the major benefits of Pinion is the unparalleled gear range, the C1.12 has a 600% gear range. Compared to almost any other drivetrain, you’ll have easier gears for the steep mountain roads (3 mph) while also having harder gears for the high-speed descents (40 mph+).

Maintenance – Pinion gearboxes have few parts that are susceptible to wear, they stay in tune by design, and they eliminate the most fragile part of any bike, the rear derailleur. Plus, with the annual maintenance consisting of a simple oil change, they can last a lifetime.

Sealed Gearbox – If you spend a lot of time riding in harsh conditions, a Pinion gearbox may just be your savior. These gearboxes are weather-sealed from water, mud, grit, dust, snow, and sand, allowing them to last a lifetime.

Shifting – A very handy feature is that you can shift gears anytime with a Pinion gearbox – including while stationary. This means you can quickly shift to the perfect take-off gear while waiting at the traffic lights. You can also shift 5-6 gears at once, thanks to the Pinion gearbox twist shifter.

The Disadvantages of Using A Pinion Gearbox

Weight – With a gearbox, there is no question that you are making a weight sacrifice. The components required to build up a Pinion C1.12 gearbox drivetrain result in a weight penalty of around 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg) compared to a top-of-the-line SRAM Eagle derailleur drivetrain.

Price – Pinion gearboxes are more expensive than derailleur drivetrains. You can somewhat justify the cost of buying a bike with a Pinion gearbox knowing that you won’t need to replace anywhere near as many cassettes/chains/chainrings – but you’ll have to ride your bike for many years to get that payoff. Luckily, the gearbox will probably last as long as you do!

Gear Steps – The Pinion C1.12 gearboxes have larger gear steps than most derailleur drivetrains. This essentially means that the change between each gear ratio is more pronounced. This is not a big problem in practice, but something you may notice on flatter terrain.

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