The 2025 Priority Gemini Pinion Gravel Bike: 12-Speed Gearbox + Belt Drive For $2999!

The new Priority Gemini is a tough, low-maintenance, and easy-to-use gravel bike that will conquer the steepest roads.

This gravel bike is built around a weather-sealed 12-speed Pinion gearbox that can electronically shift your gears in just 0.2 of a second. The gearbox will change your gears under a full pedal load, while coasting, and even while stationary at the traffic lights.

In addition, the gearbox has a shifting mode that can automatically change your gears based on your riding speed and preferred pedal cadence. It can even shift you to the perfect starting gear when you stop – ready for a speedy takeoff.

This bike will be best suited to bikepackers, commuters, and gravel riders who want the lowest-maintenance, and most easy-to-use bike.

How is the Priority Gemini Gravel Bike So Cheap?

The Priority Gemini is a great value gearbox gravel bike thanks to the company’s direct-to-consumer sales model.

Priority is a direct-to-consumer bike brand that specialises in bicycles with gearboxes, internal gear hubs, and belt drivetrains. As they sell their gearbox bikes in such large quantities, they can be significantly cheaper than the competition!

The Priority Gemini is available with an aluminium frame for US $2999*, and titanium frame for $4999*. This is an amazing price given the Pinion 12-speed gearbox alone is valued at more than $2000. Should you live overseas, Priority can also ship internationally via DHL for an additional $850.

*Special pre-order price. Both models will be US $500 more expensive in a couple of months.

Why We Love The Pinion Gearbox With Electronic Shifting

The Pinion gearbox and belt drivetrain combination is smooth, silent, and virtually maintenance-free.

The new Pinion C1.12i gearbox with electronic shifting could be the best available gear system for bicycles.

Compared to derailleurs, gearboxes are less susceptible to damage, they don’t require any tuning or adjustment, they reduce bicycle maintenance significantly, and they are unlikely to ever wear out. The only maintenance is the 6,000-mile oil change, which takes no more than 15 minutes to complete.

Thanks to the Pinion gearbox, the Priority Gemini features a 30-40% lower climbing gear ratio than most gravel bikes with derailleurs. This allows you to ride up the steepest hills with the least effort.

The gear range is very wide too (600%) so you will still achieve a fast top-end speed. This is the equivalent of using a 1X drivetrain with a 40-tooth front ring and an 10-60T rear cassette!

Why We Love Belt Drive

The Priority Gemini features a belt drivetrain that can last more than 30,000km.

Belt drivetrains are clean, silent, and long-lasting. Through my real-world tests, I’ve found they typically last 3-4 times longer than a chain (that’s over 30,000km).

Belt drive is designed to very effectively shed mud and grit, which makes it better than chain drive when the weather conditions have turned bad. While belt drivetrains don’t technically require any grease or lubrication, in dry and dusty conditions I recommend a few drops of silicone to keep the belt quiet.

Should You Choose A Priority Gemini In Aluminium or Titanium?

Should you pick a Priority Gemini in affordable aluminium or timeless titanium?

The Priority Gemini is offered with two different frame materials, depending on your budget.

Priority has made a name for itself by building its frames using reliable 6061 aluminium. These frames don’t have advanced tube shapes, fancy welding, or special paint. Instead, they are engineered to be tough and durable at the best possible price.

I would recommend the aluminium frame to anyone who wants the best price-to-performance possible.

You can see more pictures of the Priority Gemini Aluminium HERE.

The Priority Gemini in titanium has a very classy finish.

Priority has more recently started building frames using 3AL-2.5V titanium tubes. Titanium frames are often 30% lighter than steel frames, they do not rust, and any scratches can easily be buffed out. These characteristics allow titanium frames to look great after many years of use.

Titanium frames can also be engineered to have slightly more side-to-side flex than aluminium when accelerating, giving them the ‘springy’ or ‘lively’ feel that many people wax lyrical about.

I would recommend titanium to those wanting a gravel bike with a timeless look, those seeking the ‘lively’ ride feel, or those wanting a ‘forever bike’ that’s high cost can be justified over the long term.

You can see more pictures of the Priority Gemini Titanium HERE.

What Are The Priority Gemini Frame Specs?

Priority Gemini Aluminium Belt Drive Gravel Bike 01
The Priority Gemini looks like a regular gravel bike until you look down at the belt drivetrain.

The Priority Gemini frame has characteristics typical of most modern gravel bikes.

The steering speed is stable, the frame geometry is designed for all-day comfort, and the four frame sizes will accommodate riders from 5’2” to 6’4” (157 to 193 cm).

You can find the frame geometry details, as well as recommended leg inseam lengths on the Priority website.

The Priority Gemini will clear modern 700C x 50 mm tyres.

The Priority Gemini frame clears 700 x 50mm tyres, which is a width that an ever-growing number of gravel bikes are available with. Should you wish to use full-length fenders, the frame will still clear 40mm wide tyres.

The wheelbase of the Gemini is slightly longer than some gravel bikes. This is in part due to the new mounting plate for the Pinion gearbox, which requires slightly longer chain stays. The good news is that a gravel bike with a longer wheelbase is more stable at high speeds.

The rear sliding dropouts have an in-built adjuster that helps get your belt tension right.

The rear sliding dropouts are designed to easily tension the belt. These dropouts feature an integrated bolt that will make very fine adjustments to the belt tension, suiting your power output and riding style.

You will find rear rack mounts on the Gemini, along with four bottle cage mounts above, below, and inside the frame triangle.

What Components Does The Priority Gemini Use?

The TRP Hywire electronic shifters will conduct Pinion gearbox shifts in just 0.2 seconds.

Both Priority Gemini bikes utilise identical part specifications.

The Pinion C1.12i gearbox is paired with TRP Hywire electronic shifters and fully-sealed hydraulic brakes. The small integrated battery for the shifters will make 10,000 shifts before needing a recharge (about 100 riding hours).

The wheelset is lightweight and tubeless compatible. It features WTB KOM Team rims, laced with Sapim stainless steel spokes onto sealed bearing hubs. Both hubs are standard thru-axle (12 x 100 and 12 x 142mm) and the rear hub has a notably high number of engagement points.

The wheels are wrapped in WTB Vulpine 40mm tires for a fast-rolling setup. If you’d prefer even more comfort and speed, Krzysztof over at the Comfort Lab has found the Soma Cazadero in a 50mm width is the best available.

Both Priority Gemini models employ a full carbon rigid fork to keep the overall weight in check. Should you want a bit more comfort from the front of the bike, I would recommend a suspension stem by Redshift, Vecnum, or Kinekt.

The seatpost is made from carbon fibre which should take some buzz out of the road. That said, the diameter of this seatpost is quite large and it will likely be stiffer than most. If you’d like to maximise your ride comfort on this bike we like short-travel suspension seatposts like the Redshift ShockStop Pro or carbon flex seatposts like the Ergon AllRoad Pro.

You can see the full spec list over at Priority Bikes.

What is the Priority Gemini Bike Weight?

The weight of the Priority Gemini Aluminium is 26.5 lb (12.0 kg), and the Priority Gemini Titanium is a touch lighter at 25.3 lb (11.5 kg).

Gearboxes incur a small weight penalty compared to derailleur drivetrains. When we add up the required components to build an entire drivetrain, a top-tier SRAM 1X wireless derailleur setup works out to be about 2.9 lb (1.3 kg) lighter than a Pinion C1.12i gearbox.

This might sound like a lot, but my real-world testing, along with the numbers from the mathematical models suggest that a kilogram of extra weight adds 1-2 minutes on a hilly 100km bike ride. And on a flat route, a kilogram is likely worth 10 or 20 seconds over 100km. It’s not that much.

When is the Priority Gemini Available?

The part spec is the same between Priority Gemini gravel bikes. It all comes down to whether you want an aluminium or titanium frame.

If you’re interested in the Priority Gemini, you can get one sooner and cheaper by pre-ordering. Priority offers a sizeable discount on pre-orders ($500), and the bikes often sell out months in advance.

The aluminium bike will ship June 30th 2024 and the titanium bike will ship July 31st 2024.

Pre-order your Priority Gemini Titanium for $4999 HERE
Pre-order your Priority Gemini Aluminium for $2999 HERE

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