Bicycle Touring Book On The Way!


Over the last few months we’ve been working really hard to write a book! This has come about as there are so many knowledge gaps on the website. We settled on writing a book as it gives readers a general bicycle touring overview in an efficient manner.

Learn How To Go Bicycle Touring in One Hour covers 27 subject areas, providing you with a little bit of info on a lot of things – it’s confidence-inspiring, quick to read and super easy to understand.

The book will be available soon!

The subject areas include:

  • Different Types of Bicycle Tour
  • By Yourself or With Others
  • Duration
  • Choosing a Destination
  • Cost
  • Fitness
  • Distance
  • Trip Planning
  • Choosing Your Bicycle
  • Carrying Your Gear
  • Choosing Your Gear
  • Choosing Your Clothing
  • Tools and Spare Parts
  • Documenting Your Trip
  • Getting There
  • Getting Around
  • Currency, Exchange, Credit
  • Language
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Security
  • Being Comfortable On A Bicycle Tour
  • Finding Your Way Around
  • Safety
  • Finding Accommodation
  • Finding Power
  • Finding The Internet


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