Review: Cane Creek Thudbuster Suspension Seatpost

As far as suspension seatposts go, there is nothing better than the Thudbuster. It operates on a parallelogram design which does not reduce the distance between seat and pedal while you ride. On a touring tandem that sees rough roads, this part is almost mandatory because the rear rider cannot pre-empt bumps like the front rider can.

The why:

– The only suspension seatpost we would recommend for bicycle touring

– Takes the edge off bumpy roads

– Parallel design doesn’t change your seat-pedal distance

– Comes with three different elastomers to suit different rider weights

– Completely silent in operation

– Comes in two different amounts of travel

The why not:

– You will need to adjust your riding style so that it doesn’t bob up and down when you’re pedalling along

– It’s not a light seatpost!


$169 USD

Similar products:

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