Where Are We Going? Alleykat’s 2014 Travel Plan

We normally keep our schedule completely flexible, but for 2014 we will be tightening everything up in order to actually make it back home – yep, it's hard to make ourselves go back when we're having so much fun! We've just booked a flight to Cambodia in early February, which gives us a good indication as to where we will be in 2014.

We always like meeting new people, so if you're around at any of the countries during the month that we are – get in contact! If you're watching from home, you can expect us to cover a country a month (yayyy… monthly films and blog entries) until we hit Australia, which we plan to do over a three to four month period.

January: The Philippines

We are doing a mixture of volunteering, travelling and scuba diving over the next month in this georgeous country.

February: Cambodia

We fly into Phnom Penh and will cycle to see Angkor Wat before heading east towards Vietnam.

March: Vietnam

We will start in Ho Chi Minh with our friends Matt and Diana before cycling north towards Hanoi. We will possibly be visited by our immediate family during this time!

April: Laos / Thailand

We will spend a short period of time in Laos, heading directly from east to west.

May: Thailand / Malaysia

We will spend time in Thailand, travelling from the very north to the very south. We hope to do lots of diving at their world class sites!

June: Queensland, Australia

We will fly from Malaysia/Singapore to the NE region of Australia. We plan to cycle down the east coast, as we have a high concentration of friends all the way from Cairns to Melbourne.

July: Queensland, Australia

Given the size of Queensland, our time in the warm part of Australia will be spread over two months!

August: New South Wales, Australia

We will spend time in one of our favourite parts of Australia, Northern NSW, before visiting Sydney and Canberra.

September: Victoria, Australia (Home)

We will actually be home sometime in September! It's crazy to think that this chapter of our lives will close and a new one will open. Kat will be going back to university, and I will be working again!


  1. Far out! What a plan 🙂 I’m jealous of the Australia-bit as I haven’t spent enough time there already. But well… I’m going to Iceland and beyond 🙂 Enjoy! Mirjam

  2. Love your plan! Such a lot to see and learn in those ‘far eastern’ countries! Hope we get to catch up with you two again in your hometown one day. Will you be able to settle down again to work and study, I wonder?

  3. Thanks for the site and stories. Discovered it while searching for a new touring bike. Inspiring and enjoyable. Led me to a Vivant and to Ollie at Omafiets in Sydney. Life is beautiful.

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