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A Complete List of Rohloff Frame Options For Custom Touring Bike Builds

Do you like the idea of a custom Rohloff touring bike build? Well, a Rohloff frame may not be as expensive as you think – you can get yourself a Rohloff-specific frame for under US $500 (399€).

I really like touring with a Rohloff hub as they offer a nice range of gears, minimal maintenance and surprisingly they run really efficiently too. Here are my 15 Reasons Why I Tour With A Rohloff Hub. When I built my custom Rohloff touring bike there were very few frame options available, but now there are literally dozens – so let’s go through them all.

It’s worth noting that this article is a list of Rohloff-specific frames. You don’t need a Rohloff-specific frame to use a Rohloff hub; they just offer a neater and easier solution for fitting your rear wheel and tensioning your chain. The Rohloff dropout essentially takes away the need for additional parts such as a support adapter, axle plate and/or torque arm.

I’ve put an asterisk* after bikes that are also Carbon Belt Drive compatible.

Co-Motion Americano Rohloff Frame* – US $2050

The Co-Motion Americano Rohloff Frame.

Carver Ti All Road – US $1499

rohloff frame
The Carver Ti All Road Rohloff Frame.

Horizon Quest – €1195

Horizon Quest
The Horizon Quest Titanium Rohloff Frame (2120g).

Intec T8 Disc – €399

The Intec T8 Rohloff Frame.

Kocmo Randonneur XD* – €1800

Belt Drive Touring Bike
The Kocmo Randonneur XD Rohloff Frame.

Maxx Crossmaxx 28* – €749

Belt Drive Touring Bike
The Maxx Crossmaxx 28 Rohloff Frame.

MTB Cycletech Amar* – €1179

Belt Drive Touring Bike
The MTB Cycletech Amar Rohloff Frame.

Norwid Skagerrak* – €1269

The Norwid Skagerrak Rohloff Frame.

Pilot Vamos Ti* – €2499

Belt Drive Touring Bike
The Pilot Vamos Rohloff Frame.

Poison Atropine/Chromate/Phosphor* – €419-2099

Poison Phosphor Tour Rohloff Frame.

Rodriguez Makeshift* – US $2499

Rohloff Touring Bikes
The Rodriguez Makeshift Rohloff Frame.

Salsa Fargo Steel* – US $1099

2017 Salsa Fargo Frameset
The Salsa Fargo Rohloff Frame.

Salsa Fargo Ti* – US $2999

2018 Salsa Fargo Ti
The Salsa Fargo Titanium Rohloff Frame.

Salsa Marrakesh – US $899

The Salsa Marrakesh Rohloff Frame.

Santos Travelmaster 3.0* – £1699

Belt Drive Touring Bike
The Santos TravelMaster 3 Rohloff Frame.

Shand Stoater* – £2695

The Shand Stoater Rohloff Frame.

Soma Wolverine* – US $869

Surly ECR – US $785

The Surly ECR Rohloff Frame.

Surly Ogre – US $735

The Surly Ogre Rohloff Frame.

Surly Troll – US $675

The Surly Troll Rohloff Frame.

Thorn Nomad*, Mercury and Raven – £529-949

Rohloff Frame
The Thorn Nomad Rohloff Frame.

Ti Cycles Supercommuter* – US $1950

Rohloff Touring Bike
The Ti Cycles Supercommuter Rohloff Frame.

Tout Terrain Silkroad* – €1700

Rohloff Bike
Tout Terrain Silkroad Rohloff Frame.

Tumbleweed Prospector – US $1450

rohloff frame

Van Nicholas Pioneer Ti* – €1899

touring bicycle
The Van Nicholas Pioneer Rohloff Frame.

Velotraum Cross 7005 EX* – €1100

Belt Drive Touring Bike
The Velotraum Cross 7005 EX Rohloff Frame.

Wittson Gravel Effugio* – €2489

Wittson Gravel Effugio Titanium Rohloff Frame (1700g).

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  1. It would have been good to also say which of these have the seatstay splitter needed to run a belt drive. They don’t all appear to have this. I see a belt drive as one of the key reasons to run a Rohloff hub.

    Carver Ti All-Road is another choice via its Paragon sliding dropouts (same as the Soma frame, but note that the picture above doesn’t show the Rohloff inserts), and it has a stay splitter as an option. The Paragon dropouts let you change between a Rohloff and a regular derailleur system without getting a new frame.

  2. Although there is an anchor point on the frame that avoids using the torque arm, I’ve decided not to include the Trucker because it doesn’t have a means of tightening the chain without a chain tensioner. But thanks for the suggestion in any case!

  3. Appreciate that insight…I wasn’t aware about that. This is helpful, as I am in the process of building up my touring bike around a SDT frame for next years big journey across Europe and Asia! I might give it another thought than, especially, because I was already trying hard to not dislike the current singular (blue) color offering. However, I feel I could also not imagine not getting the STD…

  4. I tour with the Tout Terrain Amber Road (with Rohloff and Gates), the 29er version of the Silkroad. Virtually maintenance free.

  5. There’s a company called Veer that also makes a split belt conversion kit for those that don’t have a seatstay splitter as well. They have a Rohloff compatible sprocket available for special order that I used for a conversion. https://www.veercycle.com/

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