Review: Rigida/Ryde Andra 30 Rim

I’ve travelled around the world with all kinds of brands and models of rim. Nothing has proven to be as strong as the Ryde Andra 30, in fact for heavily-loaded touring I probably wouldn’t use anything else. My current Andra 30s have been on multiple bikes, including the tandem, and just keep on trucking.

The Ryde Andra 30 has no spoke eyelets, but it doesn’t need them. Check out the thickness of the aluminium – it’s built like a tank! The Andras are super stiff to ride as a result.

If you’re searching for Rigida and can’t find anything, try searching Ryde. This rim business changed their name recently.

Rigida Andra 30 review


It’s the strongest 26″ and 700c rim available for bicycle touring. 9/10 long distance bicycle tourers will agree.

CSS braking surfaces are available for v-brake and canti users which dramatically increases the life of the rim (highly recommended if you use rim brakes).

Available in a Rohloff-specific angled drilling to build a stronger wheel with Rohloff hubs.

Rigida Andra 30 review

Why Not?

If you’re looking for a lightweight rim, this isn’t for you. It’s 735g in 26″ or 810g in 700c.

Rigida Andra 30 review


$55 USD

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  1. I use the lighter weight Rigida Grizzly rims with the CSS braking surface on my touring bike and can definitely vouch for them. The rim braking surface lasts FOREVER and so do the CSS specific brake pads. I have found that the braking is a bit spongy and weak when the rims are cold (like below zero C) and wet though, not sure why this is. Otherwise they’re perfect. Andra is no doubt built the same, only tougher.

  2. I went with Sun Rhyno lite for my 29’er ogre build, using DT swiss super comp spokes on shimano rear and supernova front dynamo hub. I built it myself, using dt swiss brass nipples. First wheel build ever, came out pretty good, not perfect… but so far going well. When I change to Rohloff rear I will have the wheels professionally built.
    Good review. Thanks!

  3. If there’s only Ryde Andra 40 available (and not Ryde Andra 30), does it make sense to buy it?

  4. Only if you want a different rim to the Andra 30! The Andra 40 is about 6mm wider and will therefore give your tyres a different profile. Stick with the Andra 30 if you can.

  5. I realize that Andra 40 isn’t suited for tires under the width of 37mm but if im planning to use 40mm tires and a Really heavy load (i.e. Me plus cargo) isnt wider rim better at distributing the weight?

  6. To get a really good tyre shape, you should match the tyre to your rim. The Andra 40 is best suited to tyres on the wider side (I would never put a 37mm tyre on a 25mm rim). In mountain biking, a rim this wide would be used for a 2.2-2.5″ (55-62mm) tyre.

  7. Hi Alee.
    Am looking at the Ryde range of rims available, and there are alot!
    I’m building a Soma Wolverine for touring around Melbourne streets.
    Im putting an electric front hub and an Alfine internal gears rear hub, both with disc brakes.
    I have Schwalbe Marathon Almotion 622-40 tubeless tyres.
    I’m looking at the following Ryde rims to suit:
    Andra 210 622-19, Andra 10 622-19, Andra 30 622-19, Andra 40 622-25.
    Edge 28 622-28.
    X-Plorer 622-19.
    Taurus 21 622-21.

    Is the Andra 30 622-19 the best choice still here?
    Thanks, Alex

  8. I like the tyre shape of my 40mm Almotion tyres on a 19mm rim.

    That narrows you down to a few models. The Andra 10 has angled spoke hole drilling which may suit your front electric hub the most, and will also give better spoke angles on the rear wheel too. The Andra 210 is also angled, but a bit lighter, comes in a 32h and might look a bit nicer on a disc brake bike. The Andra 30 has really similar specs to the Andra 10, but is available with the CSS braking surface for v-brakes. I don’t think you could go wrong with any of these.

  9. Hi Alee, I have a question.

    So, the Andra 30 is made only for internal hubs(Rohloff specific)?

    I am looking at the Andra 40 as well

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