Review: Shimano XT T780 Touring Pedals

The Shimano T780s are my ideal touring pedal – the double-sided design allows me to ride around towns in sandals or casual shoes without fuss, and when making big distances I can clip in using Shimano's proven SPD design. The pedals/cleats have been extremely durable so far, and I can only see them providing me with no fuss all the way to Australia.

The why:

– Double-sided design is great for if you want to ride your bike without cleated shoes sometimes

– After 15000km+ we haven't had any problems with pedals creaking or the bearings – they are standing the test of time

– The pedals are weighted so that it is really easy to clip-in

– The all-metal construction is really durable

– Shimano cleats have a longer wear life than any other brand I've used (Crank Brothers, Time); I'm still on the one set of cleats after one year of heavy use

The why not:

– The flat side of the pedals isn't particularly grippy, especially in the wet

– The cleat/pedal mechanism sometimes makes a bit of noise, nothing of touch of chain lube won't fix


$90 USD

Similar products:

– Shimano A530


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